Should I use Tough Love with my Spouse?
on August 22nd, 2019
One fairly common truth that experience has proven over and over is that “tough love” usually bears rotten fruit! The model for our behavior should always be Jesus. How does He treat us when we are rebellious, willful, stubborn, uncaring, inconsiderate, uncooperative and unfaithful? He responds by loving us unconditionally, and forgiving every sin. He is faithful to us even when we are unfaithful!...  Read More
Two Extremes
on August 20th, 2019
We begin our journey of faith for the healing of our marriage with fresh vision and determination – we will not faint and give up our stands, no matter how long it takes! However, we are usually so intent and focused upon doing everything we can to see our marriages healed, that without realizing it we make that healing an idol:  something we never intended to do.One of the definitions of idolatry...  Read More
Living in a Constant State of Forgiveness
on August 15th, 2019
Living in a constant state of forgiveness. Is it even possible?Over the past several months, I have been keenly aware of forgiveness. Over and over, God has laid it on my heart and given me many examples in my life to try it out myself. I believe it’s something I desperately need to work on. And I believe, if you are reading this, God is laying it on your heart, too.After a separation of just slig...  Read More
Reconciliation - The First Goal of Restoration
on August 13th, 2019
“I was so angry at God that I did just the opposite of anything that had to do with God.” In his own words, this man was deceived. His wife, who was left behind with their children, was struggling with depression and a spirit of suicide. But God had other plans for this family and He sent help for her as she cried out to Him in her despair. She eventually led a Covenant Keepers group where she was...  Read More
Marriage According to God's Plan
on August 8th, 2019
(In response to an article from a popular Christian magazine regarding the church’s role in divorce recovery).I have been divorced for five years after a beautiful 43 year marriage. My husband is a spirit-filled, talented Christian musician who was allured and enticed away by the enemy. I agree that this is definitely one of the most painful situations a person can experience. The first six months...  Read More
Letter to Covenant Keepers
on August 6th, 2019
October 7, 2015Dear Covenant Brothers and Sisters in Christ,I’ve been thinking. I’ve been thinking of our stand for marriage restoration. Why would we do that in the face of unfaithfulness, unkindness, divorce? I’d like to offer you some reasons we do that. I think a little refresher is good once in a while, so here goes.Marriage is created by God: Genesis 2:18-24: “And God said, it is not good th...  Read More