Complete the Circuit - Stay Connected to the Source

Can that which is broken be fixed? Can that which is lacking become whole once again? When an angry word has been spoken, can it ever be taken back or is it forever imparted with the rage with which it was created?

The power of forgiveness lies not in the act itself but in the healing that follows. Forgiveness is a choice. This choice is an act of your will. This action is like the switch that begins a flow of the Spirit. It is in that flow that the power of forgiveness is found. Forgiveness is the switch that completes the circuit thus releasing the power flow. It begins with a choice. If the choice is never made then the stage is set for the root of bitterness.

The root of bitterness is a dormant seed in the carnal soul awaiting the opportunity to sprout and infect all that it comes in contact with. Bitterness’ end game is murderous rage and the death of all unfortunate souls around it. Bitterness is a latent cancer cell patiently waiting for the proper conditions to manifest in order to decimate its host. The potential is always with fallen creation. Even regenerated believers still carry this latent root of bitterness.

The deadly nature of this root is the very reason so much power is released in forgiveness. As mentioned above, forgiveness begins with a choice, a decision. It is an act of the will to flip the switch of forgiveness. Most people do not realize that choosing to forgive is just the beginning of the process. Many a bitter soul will lash out in angry rage when told they have not forgiven someone. They say, “I forgave him already” yet their eyes tell a different story. They look at forgiveness as a single act rather than a process comprised of different stages.

Unforgiveness is like someone holding on to a rope that runs to the bells in the bell tower. As long as he is in unforgiveness the bells are compelled to ring because of his hold on the rope. Forgiveness begins by a choice – let go of the rope. The bell will continue to sound for a period of time until the force of the rope is countered by gravity and the resistance of the bells. This process of silencing the ringing is dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit, now flowing due to the circuit being connected. This flow of the power of forgiveness is manifested through two key steps.

Stay Connected

First, the person must stay connected to the power source. Prayer, worship, attending to the Word of God and fasting are all things one must do to stay connected. Intimacy with God has a direct relationship to the issue of forgiveness. The Bible states if you do not forgive, then your Heavenly Father cannot forgive you your sins (Matthew 6:14-15). One must constantly monitor his spiritual walk. The urgent and important business of life oftentimes distracts you as a believer from that which is truly important – your relationship with God.
Take Our Thoughts Captive

The second issue that must take place for the power of forgiveness to flow is to battle the resistance found in your mind. The Bible states we are to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5) Resistance in terms of electricity is described as the energy expended (and thus lost) as electrons go from atom to atom. For example, copper wire has less resistance than steel wire. The electrons flow easier from copper atom to atom than from the steel atoms. Less resistance equals more power.

In the human soul resistance is found in the emotional thoughts. When God tells us to take our thoughts captive, He is telling us to keep the resistance low so His Spirit can flow. If we are thinking anything other than what is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report (Philippians 4:8) we are resisting the flow of forgiveness. This puts us at risk of not completing the process of forgiveness, and setting us up for the root of bitterness to be activated.
Father desires for you to make a choice to forgive. Then through intimacy with Him and by keeping check on your thoughts you can walk in the power of forgiveness. If the circuit is complete the power flows through you to work redemption for the offending person. They can be healed and come to the Lord as a result of your forgiving actions. Complete the circuit – let the power flow!

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