Covenant Keepers Conference Reflections

NOTE FROM THE DIRECTORS: Our desire for Covenant Keepers is that everyone, married or not, understand the impact of covenant on their marriage. Eric and Kelly Hackman are our personal friends and have a happy, godly marriage. When they heard that we were being installed as the new directors they immediately wanted to know how they could participate. We invited them to join us for the 2019 Conference as our special guests, where we would be installed. They attended and blessed our attendees, more than we could have ever imagined. They declined to be treated specially and sat among people they had never met. They prayed and worshipped as attendees, not as honored guests. During breaks, they prayed with people, gave hugs, and listened intently to people’s stories. Many people thought that they were a restored marriage, but were surprised to find out that they were, instead, a living example of Christ’s love for the church….a couple that had never been separated or divorced, but instead, had a healthy relationship. We learned something special and different from this year’s conference. We learned that inviting healthy, happy and godly marriages not only blesses us all, but help accomplish our goal of spreading the idea of covenant. Although Eric and Kelly already understood covenant, they were able to experience what covenant looks like, walked out in the sight of unfaithfulness. They shared their reflections with us below…….we pray it blesses you.  
By: Eric and Kelly Hackman, Church Elders, Hopewell Christian Fellowship, Telford, PA.

As Eric and I stepped into the conference on Friday night, just as worship was beginning, I sensed that we were among greatness. I kept hearing the word “remnant” from the Lord. I realized as I worshipped with the group, that I was blessed to be witnessing this holy remnant of His people who are still holding Holy His sacred covenant of marriage, even in a culture where nothing is held holy or sacred.

As I looked around during worship, I knew that I was surrounded by “David’s.” Just as young David, the shepherd boy, bravely told Goliath, “I come against you in the Name of the Lord Almighty and I will strike you down,”   this was a group who knew the spiritual battle they were in, who knew that the battle belongs to the Lord, who knew that they were holding the keys to their victory, and who were fighting for their marriages without backing down.

We were so blessed and honored to be among such sincere and beautiful people who eagerly shared their stories with us. We quickly learned that this is what the conference was about- it was a place where people could safely share their stories of hope, their stories of rebuilding, their stories or not-yet-victories, knowing that here they were heard, understood, and being stood with. We were on holy ground.

We watched in awe as the leaders honored and served each other in a foot washing ceremony, as demonstration of the servant leaders they are and the mutual support they share.  We were deeply blessed to pray be among the group to pray over the leaders as they stepped into their new place of authority. We shared in the holy tears as this shift in leadership took place.

I, personally was emotionally undone by the beautiful act of CK leader Koji Bell sharing himself as a “proxy” of all the prodigal spouses being prayed home. As Koji knelt on the stage before us all, in humble repentance on behalf of these spouses, the spiritual atmosphere shifted, creating an atmosphere of hope, joy, and celebration!

We heard the personal stories of hope and rebuilding from Mike and Marilyn Phillips, of the 2equal1 Ministry. It convicted me, on behalf of the Church, to hear Marilyn’s personal account of the lack of church support she experienced during the time the Lord had her standing for her marriage. Sadly, her story was a common one that I heard from others at the conference as well. Eric and I came home and immediately spoke to our church about the need to partner with Covenant Keepers to learn how to better support those standing for their marriages. In addition to teaching the sacred covenant of marriage, we must stand with those who are holding fast to theirs and fighting the spiritual battle to keep and protect it.

Eric and I came to conference eager to see our friends commissioned into the leadership of CK, and excited to learn more about this ministry. We left with a deep love and appreciation for not only this amazing ministry, but the people who made this what it is. We came away in awe of having been so honored to be a part of this group, this experience, and so very excited to come back and do it again in years to come!

ERIC AND KELLY HACKMAN – are the proud parents of four children (Gwyneth, Adiah, Asher, and Xavier), business owners, church elders, and prayer warriors. They exemplify the Lord’s plan for all of our marriages. God clearly blessed them as they “sought Him first,” both as they were dating and now as a married couple of 15 years. They are servants at heart and committed to both the permanency of marriage and teaching their children the same. At home, you will find them creek stomping with their kids, tending their beautiful country home, serving at church and cooking up delicious meals for the community. We are so blessed to partner with them and their home church, Hopewell Christian Fellowship, Telford, PA.

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Starr Lichty - September 12th, 2019 at 8:00am

How wonderful to have Eric and Kelly Hackman friends of the Bells visit our conference and be witnesses to this ministry! It is so encouraging to have their support and to know they are sharing that support with their PA church as ambassadors for CK. Thank you Eric and Kelly. You are blessing us beyond what you can imagine. We have prayed for our home churches to be supportive and you have demonstrated how to do that effectively through your prayer support of the Bells' marriage while God was restoring them and through your presence at our conference while they were being installed our new CK directors. You are good examples of Psalm 133. How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! Eric and Kelly, may your holy marriage be strengthened and blessed! Looking forward to seeing you again!

Judy Pruitt - September 13th, 2019 at 2:32am

What a blessing to read this article and see how a healthy Christian marriage can get a revelation of marriage covenant without having their own marriage attacked. AND thank you for taking the time to write an Encouragement to all of us who stand and continue to stand in the “not yet victory”! And Amen to the blessing that the Bells are to us and to the Johnsons and Marilyn Conrad

Carole Osborne - September 16th, 2019 at 3:33am

The washing of feet by the elders was the message at CTF Bournemouth Sunday 15th September. The leader Koji kneeling in proxy for the Prodigals was powerful.Personally The Lord set me free while l was in the congregation at Prayer for the Nation Wembley recently.Iwas waiting for Adele to speak, she read from Proverbs 31I let out a loud groan. Since then l've been loosed from holding on to divorced remarried husband. It's as if it simply doesn't matter any more. Whatever happens is in the Hands of the Lord. It's been a long time coming. Was married for 30 years Standing for 22 years. Phew Thankyou Jesus. Needs a it more testing but God must have been waiting for this to happen.






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